White-throated Kingfisher on a weathered branch overlooking the wetland. Bharatpur Bird sanctuary (Keoladeo National Park) Rajasthan, India.
Asiatic Lion roaring at his mate. Gir National Park, Gujarat.
Greater one-horned rhinoceros in some warm late afternoon sunshine, Northeastern India. Although the Rhinos spent much of their time hidden away deep in the Jungle, they often came out onto the open grassy plains to feed in the late afternoon offering some fantastic photographic opportunities.
Stag Silhouette against a dramatic sunset. Silhouettes are often tricky to get right, but stags are by far one of the easiest with their immediately recognisable antlers! Here I underexposed by 2 stops and stopped down to f/8 to ensure the bracken along the horizon was nice and sharp.
Whilst on the hunt for new and interesting local wildlife around Lake Kerkini we discovered a thriving population of Coypu. These large semiaquatic rodents can reach a metre in length and weigh up to 9kg. Originally native to South America, they have since been introduced around the world.
Badgers and bTB. How badgers are involved in the spread of bovine tuberculosis.
Puffin in flight, coming into land on Staple island. These fast flying birds are notoriously hard to capture in flight, so it took a fair few attempts to get this one with a beak full of sand eels mid flight. During the summertime around 150,000 breeding pairs of seabirds flock to the Farne Islands to nest. With such huge numbers crammed onto these tiny islands they are undoubtedly one of the best places in the UK to get close to sea birds.