Post Processing Tuition

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Post Processing Tuition, Workshops and Courses – Available for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and many more.

Full day workshop (Up to 6 hours)

1-2-1 // £220 per participant (£80 deposit)

1-2 // £180 per participant (£80 deposit)


Half day workshop (Up to 4 hours)

1-2-1 // £155 per participant (£60 deposit)

1-2 // £120 per participant (£60 deposit)

Reduced or extended hour workshops are also available on request.

Alongside on location workshops I offer post processing tuition to show you how to get the best out of your images. These individual post processing tutorials can be held either on location, at your home if you live near by, or online via screen share.

If you’ve ever looked at your photographs on the back of the camera and thought they looked great, only to view them on the big screen with disappointment, these workshops are definitely for you!

Whether you need help with the basics or complex masking adjustments and composites, my post processing tutorials are tailored to you. By providing tuition on a one to one basis I can ensure that I provide information at your pace – no lengthy group sessions feeling frustrated that things are going too quickly, or that you already know the techniques. 

What difference does processing really make?

Since the introduction of film, photographers have been able to make massive changes to their images. Contrast adjustments and even complex dodging and burning were common darkroom procedures. The advent of digital photography has meant that post processing has become even more important. Editing an image can really make the difference between a good image and a great one.

The process of choosing the right software however can be a minefield for those just starting out, with 1000’s of available options to choose from and extremely complex and confusing layouts.

I can help you to choose the right photo editing software for you to fit any budget, from capable free software to best-in-class paid programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Post processing tuition - photo editing lessons and tutorials - Francis J Taylor Photography

Learn to quickly and easily fix common issues such as incorrect white balance, lens distortion and tonality that can have a huge impact on the final image as shown here.

One to One Individual Post Processing Tuition:

 To book a one to one post processing session please contact me via:

Please read the terms and conditions before booking a workshop (All standard stuff, nothing too scary don’t worry!).