Puffin Photography Workshop – Northumberland, UK

Puffin Photography Workshop – Farne Islands, UK

Join me for a puffin photography workshop for an unparalleled opportunity to get up close and personal with this iconic seabird. On the day with my guidance you will have the opportunity to tick off all the classic images including a range of portraits, action shots and flight images. 

Group size is a maximum of four participants to ensure everyone gets tuition throughout the day.

This full day group workshop takes place in Northumberland on the iconic Farne Islands; one best locations worldwide for seabird photography. This workshop is timed to coincide with the height of the breeding season and offers the opportunity to get up close with over 150,000 breeding pairs of seabirds including over 70,000 puffins. During the day we will have the opportunity to visit two very different islands; Staple Island and Inner Farne. You really are spoilt for choice with photographic opportunities so bring plenty of memory cards!

You can find an extensive gallery of puffin images taken at the workshop site here.

It’s not just about puffins…

Along with the stars of the show you will also have the opportunity to photograph over 20 other species including guillemots, shag, grey seals, razorbill, kittiwakes, arctic terns, eider ducks and even more.

Puffin captured mid-flight against a fresh green background. These fast flying birds are notoriously hard to capture in flight, so it took a fair few attempts to get the framing and background just right. Farne Islands, Northumberland.

Fitness difficulty:

Easy to Moderate

Staple Island features uneven rocky surfaces that can be tricky to navigate so great care must be taken.

Inner Farne is much easier with good paths throughout the island.






This fixed date workshop is timed to see the seabird colony at the height of the breeding season.

Please enquire about availability outside these dates.

Available Dates:


*All boat fares and a full day of tuition is included however there is an additional ‘landing fee’ payable to the National Trust desk for non NT members (£27.30). This is free for members of the National Trust.



Full Day Workshop

8 hours // £60 deposit


(per participant)

Please note: Boat fares and a full days tuition are included in this price, however unless you are a National Trust member there will be an additional £27 landing fee to pay to the NT on the day.

Reduced or extended workshops may be available on request.

Puffin with beak full of Sand Eels - Puffin Photography Workshop, Farne Islands (seabird photography workshop(seabird photography workshop)
Puffin in Flight with Sand eels -

What do my guests think?


Hi Francis. I would just like to say what a fantastic and memorable day I had with you. I was so nervous about my abilities with a camera and not being able to take in the information. Thank you for your patience and pitching your tutorial to a level I could cope with.


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What can you expect?

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional this workshop will be tailored to meet your individual needs. All technical aspects will be covered as required along with invaluable tips and tricks. My aim is simple; to inspire and encourage you to take your photography to the next level whilst taking in some of the finest wildlife and scenery the UK has to offer. 

The sheer number of seabirds can sometimes become a bit overwhelming but I will ensure we are in the best position to photograph the action throughout the day. You will have the opportunity to capture a range of images; from portraits, action and flight shots to environmental images. My puffin photography workshops will show you how to capture a stunning portfolio of images of these amazing seabirds. 

The welfare of the subject is of utmost importance in all my wildlife photography workshops. I will teach you the essential fieldcraft skills required to get close and capture stunning images without causing stress or disturbance. 

Recommended equipment

  • DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera
  • A 300-500mm lens for frame filling portraits (or equivalent on crop/bridge camera).   
  • There may also be opportunities extreme wide angle photography, so a wide angle or standard zoom lens is highly recommended.
  • If you prefer to shoot from a tripod or beanbag please also bring this along.

Additional information

  • There are no toilet or refreshment facilities on Staple Island, however a toilet is available on Inner Farne.
  • Camouflage is not essential for this workshop.
  • Please bring a hat!!!
  • Due to the nature of the location we may be caught out in showers or strong winds and we may be sitting on wet ground to get to eye level with the birds. Waterproof walking boots are essential and waterproof clothing is strongly recommended. 

Please visit the FAQ’s section for more information on what to bring.


Puffin Photography Workshop – Northumberland, UK