Wild Red Deer photography Workshop – Derbyshire, Peak District

Red Deer Photography Workshop – Derbyshire, Peak District NP.

Join me on a Red Deer photography workshop to see these impressive mammals roaming wild on the moorlands of the Peak District National Park. 

About Red Deer

Red deer are the largest of our native mammals, having migrated to Britain from Europe over 11,000 years ago. Late September ’til early November is the best time of year to watch our British deer as they participate in the rut. The stags engage in fierce and often fatal battles to exert their right to mate with the hinds. The three largest species of deer present in Britain; Red, Fallow, and Sika Deer all rut in the autumn. However of these, only the Reds are actually native to our country. 

You can find an extensive gallery of my Red Deer images here.

Moorland Stag. Red deer stag in moorland habitat standing next to a lone birch tree under a moody sky. Over the years I have built up a huge catalogue of portraits of the huge stags that roam the moors, more recently though I have started photographing more small in the frame and abstract images during the rut. Derbyshire, Peak District National Park.This huge red deer stag has one of the dominant stags pf the moorland for many years now. This year he was starting to look a little more tired, leaving me wondering how much longer his reign would continue. Derbyshire, Peak District National Park.Stag Silhouette against a dramatic sunset. Silhouettes are often tricky to get right, but stags are by far one of the easiest with their immediately recognisable antlers! Here I underexposed by 2 stops and stopped down to f/8 to ensure the bracken along the horizon was nice and sharp.Rutting Stags. Red Deer stags locked in combat for control of a group of hinds. Although my preference is to photograph my local population of wild deer in the Peak District National Park, I do occasionally visit the deer parks for images that are too dangerous or difficult to attempt in the wild. One of the issues with photographing wild red deer rutting is that their heads are often obscured by long vegetation not a problem in the much more manicured deer parks.Red Deer photography workshop - Stag, Doe and Fawn - Deer RuttRed Deer photography workshop - Stag, Deer RuttRed Deer photography workshop - Doe Silhouette, Deer RuttRed Deer Stag bellowing in the rainRed Deer Doe, Peak District National Park - Deer Photography Workshop.Red deer stag shaking off the rain. I chose to shoot this image with a slow shutter speed to give the image and abstract feel. The Autumn colours of the changing bracken and this handsome stag made it more than worthwhile getting drenched!Young stag lurking in the long grass at the edge of one of the dominant stags harems, waiting for an opportunity to mate with hinds when the dominant stag isn't looking! Derbyshire, Peak District National Park.Red Dawn Stag. Red deer stag bellowing into the crisp dawn air, backlit by the rising sun. I had hoped for much more cold mornings like this one during the rut, but sadly it was extremely warm this year, a trend that looks set to continue! Derbyshire, Peak District National Park.Dominant Stag. Huge red deer stag exerting his dominance over his hinds and warning a nearby male to keep his distance. Although the rut has now passed, it's still a great time to get out and photograph our red deer with their photogenic winter coats and impressive antlers.Dusk Silhouette Stag. Silhouettes are often tricky to get right, but stags are by far one of the easiest with their immediately recognisable antlers! Here I underexposed by 2 stops and stopped down to f/8 to ensure the bracken along the horizon was nice and sharp.

Fitness difficulty:


Potentially long walks along uneven boggy ground and through dense vegetation.


Late Sept - Nov



This workshop is timed to coincide with the annual deer rut.  

Please enquire about availability outside these months.



Full Day Workshop

6 hours // £80 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)


4 Hour Workshop

4 hours // £60 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)

Reduced or extended workshops may be available on request.

Red Deer Stag silhouetted against the setting sun, Peak District National Park. Much to my delight this stag decided to put on a display right on the crest of a hill, so I positioned myself to silhouette it against the setting sun.
Red Deer photography workshop - Rutting Stags, Deer Rutt

What do my guests think?


I chose to book a days tuition with Francis for photographing wildlife. Having done a lot of landscape photography I wanted to learn how to get the best images for wildlife, one thing I struggled with was image sharpness. Francis began the day by running me through the correct settings to use for my camera along with how and when to adjust these settings as required. Francis’ knowledge on how to approach the wildlife and get closer without making it feel uncomfortable was excellent, the fieldcraft skills he can teach you are so important in this area of photography. Throughout the day we had the opportunity to photograph a number of different species at different locations. I highly recommend spending a day with him as it really will help your own photography!


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What can I expect?

As an award-winning professional photographer with extensive local knowledge, I run all of my photography workshops personally. My aim is simple; to inspire and encourage you to take your photography to the next level whilst taking in some of the finest wildlife and scenery the UK has to offer. 

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to capture a range of images, from portraits and silhouettes to action shots and behavioural photographs. My red deer photography workshops will show you how to capture a stunning portfolio of images of these amazing mammals. 

The welfare of the subject is of utmost importance in all my wildlife photography workshops. I will teach you the essential fieldcraft skills required to get close and capture stunning images without causing stress or disturbance. 

Recommended equipment

  • DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera
  • A 500mm+ lens or 300mm with teleconverters is ideal (or equivalent on crop/bridge camera).   
  • There may also be opportunities for landscape photography, so a wide angle or standard zoom lens and a sturdy tripod are recommended. 

Additional information

  • Camouflage is not essential for this workshop, however neutral colours – browns and greens are advisable.
  • Due to the nature of the location we may be crossing boggy ground and dense vegetation to get close to the deer. Waterproof walking boots are essential and waterproof clothing is strongly recommended. 

Please visit the FAQ’s section for more information on what to bring.


Wild Red Deer photography Workshop – Derbyshire, Peak District