Beginners Wildlife Photography Workshop

Beginners Wildlife Photography Workshop –  Peak District National Park

Wildlife photography is an exciting and rewarding genre that requires a combination of skill, patience, luck and a love of the natural world. 

Join me on a beginners wildlife photography workshop for the opportunity to learn all the tricks of the trade whilst we photograph a wide variety of wildlife in the stunning Peak District National Park.

This beginners workshop is tailored to your individual needs to help you get the most from your camera and start your journey into the challenging field of wildlife photography. Throughout the day you will learn the best camera settings, compositional techniques, fieldcraft to get you close to the wildlife and much much more!

Wildlife Photography Workshop - PheasantCurlew, Peak District Beginners Wildlife Photography WorkshopRed Grouse, Peak District Beginners Wildlife Photography WorkshopMountain Hare, Peak District Beginners Wildlife Photography Workshop

Fitness difficulty:

Easy to Moderate

Short to medium walks along mostly flat but sometimes uneven and boggy ground.


All Year Round



This Photography Workshop is available all year round.



Full Day Workshop

6 hours // £80 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)


4 hours // £60 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)

Reduced or extended workshops are available on request.

Peak District Red Grouse beginners wildlife photography workshop
Male sparrowhawk pulling feathers out of a fresh kill, Peak District National Park. I was driving down a quiet country lane when I saw the sparrowhawk standing over a fresh kill, this large wood pigeon. I slowly rolled closer and painstakingly edged the car door open. Inching out of the drivers seat, I crawled to lie underneath using the door as cover. Not bothered by me at all he continued to tuck in and I was able to photograph it for 20 minutes before another car came along and I had to back away to let them pass. One of the most amazing wildlife experiences I have had to date and something I wouldn't have seen if I hadn't chosen to take that route! 

What do My Guests Think?


I really enjoyed all of your workshop, I enjoy your company and your knowledge of the subject, which no doubt comes from a long time spent studying and understanding their habits. I’ve really enjoyed being introduced to locations which I would have struggled to find otherwise. I also like the quiet and calm approach you have. Whilst I do enjoy hide photography, I’ve really liked being out in the environment and starting to get to know a bit more of Derbyshire.


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What can you expect?

From close up detailed portraits to environmental and behavioural images my wildlife photography workshops will show you how to capture a stunning portfolio of images of a wide range of subjects. 

I will teach you the essential fieldcraft and technical skills needed to get close without causing disturbance. I will also explain how to recognise different behaviours and habits so that you leave with a much better understanding of the wildlife.

Throughout the day we may have the opportunity to photograph a huge range of wildlife including; water voles, lizards, rabbits, various birds of prey, red grouse, golden plover, lapwings, curlew, cuckoos, stonechats, wheatear, brown hares, little owls, pheasants, geese, mountain hares, wrens and much more! 

Recommended equipment

  • DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera
  • Lenses between 200 – 500mm are ideal (or equivalent on crop/bridge camera).
  • Due to the low angles we may be shooting at, a beanbag is advised.  
  • There may also be opportunities for landscape photography, so a wide angle or standard zoom lens and a sturdy tripod are recommended. 

Additional information

  • Camouflage is not essential for this workshop.
  • Wellies or waterproof walking boots are essential and waterproof clothing is strongly recommended.

Please visit the FAQ’s section for more information on what to bring.

Beginners Wildlife Photography Workshop