The Big Move

Stag Silhouette against a dramatic sunset. Silhouettes are often tricky to get right, but stags are by far one of the easiest with their immediately recognisable antlers! Here I underexposed by 2 stops and stopped down to f/8 to ensure the bracken along the horizon was nice and sharp.

Published: 11th June 2019 at 1:14 pm. Posted in Blog.

After keeping things very quiet until I had a confirmed leave date, I’m finally able to share some very exciting news; at the end of July I’ll be moving to India! Although I’ll be based in New Delhi, I’ll be exploring the whole country and travelling around other parts of Asia to work on some major photographic projects.

Alongside the usual favourites (tigers, elephants, monkeys etc) I’m really looking forward to documenting the incredible range of birdlife and less well known species that you simply couldn’t see in a short trip.

I’ve spent my whole life living around the Peak District and it feels very strange to be leaving my home behind for a while. However I’m really excited for the chance to develop my international portfolio and experience some more of the big wide world!

For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to book a date for their gift voucher yet, I’m extending already purchased vouchers indefinitely. This means they can be used on my return or for any of the prints and gifts in the shop whilst I’m away.

Expect lots of exciting photography very soon!