Water Voles – Peak District Wildlife Photography

Peak District Water voles.

A Water Vole (Arvicola amphibius) reflected in an upland stream in the Peak District National Park.

About Water Voles

Water Vole populations have declined by 90% in the UK over the last 40 years, largely due to American Mink predation and poor water quality but they are now thankfully making a comeback to British waterways.

Water voles are the largest and most famous of all the native British voles. Immortalised as ‘Ratty’ in Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows, water voles are highly specialised to life on the waterways. Their dense fur traps pockets of air when swimming underwater providing great insulation and they also possess extra flaps of skin in the ear that prevent any water from entering the ear canal. Water voles are voracious eaters, consuming up to 80% of their body weight each day.

You can find more about water voles here.

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Water Voles - Peak District Wildlife Photography


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