The Bone Graveyard

The Bone Graveyard. Three imposing steppe eagles perch on a pile of bones in dense fog at India’s first Vulture Conservation Reserve in Rajasthan.

Jorbeer is a government-approved carcass dumping ground where farmers can bring dead cattle. This cow graveyard makes for macabre views and an overpowering stench (not the most pleasant location I’ve visited!) but attracts an astounding variety of raptors, including seven species of vulture!

Bird of Prey populations have decreased dramatically in recent years and many are now endangered. This decline in numbers is largely due to poisoning when they unknowingly feed on carcasses that are full of harmful chemicals and lead.

The Bone Graveyard – About the Steppe Eagle:

The Steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis) is a large bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. Their breeding range includes Parts of Europe, Central Asia and the Mongolian steppes. European and Central Asian birds winter in Africa and India where they can sometimes be seen in large numbers.

Steppe eagle’s are primarily scavengers, feeding on the carcasses of deceased animals which they locate by soaring high over open areas. They are also capable hunters and will prey on small mammals and medium sized birds. Like many other eagle species, the steppe eagle has a special crop in its throat that allows them allowing it to store food for several hours before being moved to the stomach.

You can find out more about Steppe Eagles here.


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The Bone Graveyard. Three imposing steppe eagles perch on a pile of bones in dense fog at India's first Vulture Conservation Reserve in Rajasthan.


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