Rosy Pelican

Rosy Pelican (Great white pelican) onn the calm waters of Lake Kerkini, Northern Greece. Alongside the Dalmatian Pelicans we spent some time photographing the small population of Rosy Pelicans. There were far less of these gorgeous pink pelicans, so they did seem to get a bit of a raw deal when squabbles over fish occurred! Despite the lack of sunshine during the week, we were blessed with several very calm days that were perfect for reflections.

About the Rosy Pelican:

The Great White Pelican, otherwise known as the Rosy Pelican is the second largest of all the pelicans. The Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus) being the largest with a wing span of over 11ft. This enormous pelican has a striking bluey bill with a central red stripe and red hook at the tip. Beneath the bill is a vibrant yellow pouch capable of holding large volumes of fish. During breeding season they have pinky white crest of long, bushy feathers. 

The breeding range of the Great White Pelican extends from Africa to Eastern Europe, Iraq, India  and Kazakstan. 

You can find more about the Great White Pelican here


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Great White Pelican or Rosy Pelican, Lake Kerkini Greece.


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