Red-wattled Lapwing Close up

Red-wattled lapwing close up, Gir National Park, India.

About The Red-wattled Lapwing:

The red-wattled lapwing (Vanellus indicus) is a wading bird in the family Charadriidae. They are widespread across their range, where their characteristic loud alarm calls are indicators of possible danger and have been likened to the birds saying did he do it. Birds are typically seen in pairs or small groups in wetland habitats but they can also be seen in urban areas near water. Red wattled lapwings lay their eggs a ground scrape, with a typical clutch consisting of three to four camouflaged eggs. Adult birds are fiercely protective when near the nest, dive-bombing any and all potential predators.

You can find out more about the Red wattled Lapwing here.


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Red-wattled lapwing close up, Gir National Park, India.


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