Red Kites Against a Stormy Sky

Red Kites in flight against a stormy sky, Yorkshire. Red kites have been victims of extreme persecution, by the early 20th century the UK population was confined exclusively to the Oakwoods of mid Wales. Thankfully a reintroduction scheme has brought them back to many parts of England, Scotland and parts of Ireland.


About Red Kites:

Despite their eagle like appearance and massive wing span, kites are mainly scavengers. Their diet mainly consists of carrion and worms, but they are opportunistic hunters and will occasionally take small mammals, although they are unable to prey on anything much bigger than a young rabbit! Kites are unmistakeable in flight, which highlights their angled wings and forked tails. Kites suffered extreme persecution historically and the UK population almost reached extinction. They were thankfully saved from national extinction by a successful re-introduction programme and and have now been successfully re-introduced to England and Scotland. 

Find more about red kites here.


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Red Kites in flight - Yorkshire Wildlife Photography


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