Red Grouse Calling in Heavy Rain

Red Grouse Calling. Close up of a stunning male red grouse calling from a boulder in heavy rain, Derbyshire, Peak District National Park. This particular bird has a real personality and is such a poser that I decided to nickname him Famous. This image was taken during my long term red grouse project where I spent several months photographing red grouse as they warmed up to the breeding season. Grouse are often very flighty and nervous, but after  spending so much time with the same birds some of the grouse got so used to my presence they ignored me and got on with their day allowing me to capture much more natural behaviour and a range of unusual images.

Red Grouse Calling – About Red Grouse:

Relative of the willow grouse, found in the northern boreal forests, red grouse are found on open moorland in the upland areas of the British Isles. Highly competitive birds, the males compete primarily for areas of moorland rich in heather and bilberry bushes, ideal sites in which the female will produce a nest scrape for her eggs.

You can find more about red grouse here.


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