Red Deer Stag Silhouette

Red Deer Stag silhouetted against the setting sun, Peak District National Park.

Much to my delight this stag decided to put on a display right on the crest of a hill, so I positioned myself to silhouette it against the setting sun.

About Red Deer:

Red deer are the largest of our native mammals having migrated to Britain from Europe over 11,000 years ago. 

Due to vast scale deforestation and overhunting the red deer population was once confined to the Scottish Highlands and ‘the Deer Parks’ of England. In recent times the population has recovered considerably and without any natural predators to keep the population down, they have become so abundant they are considered pests in some regions.

October ’til early November is the best time of year to watch our British deer as they participate in the rut, with the stags engaging in fierce and often fatal battles to exert their right to mate with the hinds.

You can find more on Red Deer here.

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Stag Silhouette - Peak District Wildlife Photography


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