Perched Barn Owl – Peak District Wildlife Photography

Perched barn owl. I had been watching this barn owl as it hunted the meadow, flying tirelessly back and forth with mice and voles for his demanding young. Just as he was about to enter the nest with his latest prize, he pulled a graceful U turn and landed on this post to eat the mouse just a few metres away from me! With the subject in shade and background illuminated by bright evening sunshine, I got the best of both worlds, combining fantastic detail with vivid colour and contrast, a beautiful effect!

Relying mainly on hearing, barn owls hunt by flying slowly and silently back and forth across rough grassland until they hear their prey moving around below. Before diving they often hover, waiting for the perfect moment before pouncing on their prey with incredible accuracy.

About Barn Owls:

Barn Owls are the most widely distributed species of owl in the UK, and indeed the world. Despite their popularity with humans this stunning bird suffered huge declines throughout the 20th century largely due to the rise of heavy use of pesticides for farming. Barn Owls are specially adapted to hunt on the wing and are even able to hunt night, using their incredibly sensitive hearing and large eyes, enabling them to sense subtle movements in near darkness.

More information on Barn owls.

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Perched Barn Owl - Peak District Widllife Photography


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