Moulting Mountain Hare

Moulting Mountain Hare. A mountain hare moulting our of its white winter coat to summer bowns. Derbyshire, Peak District National Park.

The Mountain Hare is the UK’s only native hare. The much more commonly seen brown hares were in fact introduced to Britain by the Romans. Outside of the Scottish Highlands the Peak District is the only place they’re found in the UK, so I am extremely fortunate to be able to photograph these beautiful animals so close to home!

Join me on a Mountain Hare Photography Workshop to see the stunning Peak District Mountain Hares in their natural habitat.

Moulting Mountain Hare – About the mountain hare:

Mountain hares are an iconic species found on high elevation moorland plateaus and mountain tops. In the UK they can only be seen in the Scottish Highlands and the Peak District National Park. They have been a part of our landscape for thousands of years and are well adapted to their harsh mountain environment thanks to their thick fur and large feet that allow them to navigate rocky terrain and deep snow drifts.

During the winter months, the mountain hare’s fur turns from brown to white, providing them with excellent camouflage in the snowy landscape. This adaptation is essential for their survival, as it allows them to avoid predators such as foxes and large birds of prey.

The mountain hare is an important part of our ecosystem; they help to regulate the growth of vegetation on the mountain slopes by grazing on heather and other plants. They also provide a source of food for predators, helping to maintain a healthy balance within the ecosystem.

Sadly mountain hare populations in the UK have been declining in recent years. One of the main reasons for this decline is due to the practice of hare culling, which is carried out by some landowners in an effort to protect grouse populations for hunting. However, the effectiveness of this practice is widely debated, and there are concerns that it is having a negative impact on mountain hare populations.

Efforts are being made to protect and conserve mountain hare populations, including the establishment of protected areas and the introduction of stricter hunting regulations. It is hoped that these measures will help to ensure the survival of this iconic species for generations to come.

You can learn more about mountain hares here


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Moulting Mountain Hare. A mountain hare moulting our of its white winter coat to summer bowns. Derbyshire, Peak District National Park.


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