Jungle Cat

Jungle cat crosses the dusty track in beautiful evening light. Velavadar National Park, Gujarat, India. 

More About the Jungle Cat:

The jungle cat (Felis chaus), also known as the reed cat or swamp cat, is a medium-sized wildcat native to the Middle East, Southern Asia, Southern China and parts of North Africa. Although jungle cats are typically found in areas with dense vegetation and water, they inhabit a wide range of habitats, including deserts, woodland, grassland and dry deciduous forests.

Unlike many other wild cats, jungle cats are not nocturnal and primarily hunt in early morning and late evenings. Typical prey species include rodents, hares, lizards, frogs, snakes, birds, fish and insects. Jungle cats hunt their prey by stalking it and pouncing when the time is right, as a domestic cat does.

Despite remaining wild and untamed jungle cats have featured in human culture throughout the years. The jungle cat’s scientific name; Felis Chaus, gives the name of the popular cat breed chausie, which is actually a hybridisation between a domestic cat and a jungle cat. In Ancient Egypt they were often mummified and put into tombs with nobles and pharaohs.


Jungle cats are under serious threat from habitat loss and hunting for the fur trade. Due to their attractive fur coats and ability to mate with domestic cats illegal trading is common in Egypt, India and Afghanistan. Due to extensive habitat loss and therefore a reduction in prey species these highly adaptable cats have begun to feed on domestic livestock. This development has caused conflict with farmers, who lay traps and poisons.

You can find out more about Jungle cats here.


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Jungle cat crosses the dusty track in beautiful evening light. Velavadar National Park, Gujarat, India. 


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