Heron Portrait

Heron Portrait, London, UK. Although London may seem a strange choice for wildlife photography, it can actually provide some of the best opportunities as the wildlife is so habituated. This colourful Autumn portrait of a grey heron is one of my favourites from a trip to the capital. By ensuring the subject was in shade and the background illuminated, I was able get the best of both worlds; fantastic detail in the subject and a contrasting colourful background, a beautiful effect! 

Heron Portrait : About the Grey Heron:

Grey herons are the largest native bird that most people will see in the UK, with a wing span around 6ft. They are typically spotted standing motionless at the edge of a pond or river, waiting for the perfect moment to strike with their dagger-like beaks. Typically seen alone, herons are highly sociable birds when nesting. The largest recorded heronry was at Great Snowden’s Wood, Sussex and contained around 400 nests in 1866! Most heronries are found in trees, although they have been known to nest in reed beds, on cliffs and even on buildings.  

You can find more about Grey Herons here

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Grey Heron Portrait - UK Wildlife Photography


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