Guillemot With Fish

Guillemot with fish, taken taken on Staple Island bird sanctuary in Northumberland.

Unlike the puffin, guillemots do not have specially adapted jaws for carrying lots of fish, so they are typically only ever seen carrying a single one in their bill. I captured this image as the guillemot was making the treacherous journey back to the nest with its prize, attempting to sneak past hundreds of greedy opportunistic seabirds.

About Guillemots:

Guillemots are one of the most commonly seen birds in the huge seabird colonies. They come to land only to nest, spending the rest of their lives out at sea. Much like gannets they dive for their food and are capable of reaching depths over 150 metres, using their short wings to swim under the water.

You can find out more about Guillemots here.


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Guillemot With Fish


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