Female Kestrel – Peak District Wildlife Photography

I spotted this female kestrel hunting by the roadside late one evening whilst photographing owls. After slowly approaching, I waited on the edge of the field hoping that she would come closer. Eventually her hunt took her to a nearby post and I captured some great close ups. It was a really special moment being so close to these normally very secretive birds!

About the Kestrel: 

A familiar sight hovering over our road verges and fields, kestrels have incredibly good eyesight and are almost silent on the wing, making them very efficient hunters even in near darkness. Although their numbers have seriously declined in the UK in recent times, Kestrels are the most common bird of prey in Europe. They are best known by their habit of hovering, particularly near motorways, and country lanes. Whilst hovering they have the extraordinary ability to keep their head totally still, even in strong winds!
You can find more about Kestrels here.
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Perched Female Kestrel on the edge of a grassy field - Peak District Wildlife Photography


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