Fairbrook Waterfall

Fairbrook Waterfall. This waterfall is part of a series of stunning cascades on the lower slopes of Kinder Scout. It’s a real scramble to get down the valley sides to the waterfall, but well worth the effort. I’d been waiting for a dramatic sky to visit and the weather didn’t let me down. Using my trusty CPL filter I was also able to bring out some of the colour in the peaty water.

Fairbrook Waterfall – About Kinder Scout:

Kinder Scout is one of only two ‘mountains’ in the Peak District with a total elevation at the highest point of 636 m (2,087 ft) making it the highest point in the whole of the East Midlands. It is in fact the closest mountain to London, showing just how flat the South of England is! Kinder Scout has a very similar landscape to neighbouring Bleaklow, offering similar views. From the top on a clear day you can see all the way to the mountains of Snowdonia.

You can find more about Kinder Scout here.


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Fairbrook Waterfall - Peak District Photography


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