Eider Duck Family

Eider Duck Family photographed in the sea mist Seahouses harbour. This duckling was flapping its tiny wings to shake off excess water. At this time of year the harbour becomes a nursery for families of Eider ducks with the locals providing plenty of much needed food. I had to get pretty wet and sandy to get this water level image but I hope it was worth it in the end!

Eider Duck Family : About Eider Ducks:

The Eider Duck is the UK’s largest and heaviest duck and in fact is the largest duck found in the whole of the northern hemisphere. Despite their large size they are also the fastest flying of our native ducks. They are very rarely found far from the coast as they rely heavily on their main food source, molluscs, a dependence which as sadly brought them into conflict with mussel farmers.

You can find out more about Eider Ducks here.


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Eider Duck Family


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