Curlew Silhouette

Curlew Silhouette. Curlew on a tumble down drystone wall. I chose to shoot this image as a silhouette to emphasise the distinctive shape of the curlew and the moody sky behind.

Curlew Silhouette – About the Curlew:

The curlew is a distinctive and much-loved species of bird that can be found in the UK’s coastal areas and uplands. With their long, curved bills and distinctive calls, they are a fascinating and iconic presence in the British countryside.

Despite their popularity, curlew populations in the UK have declined significantly in recent years, largely due to habitat loss and changes in land use. Conservationists are working to protect and restore their habitats, particularly in areas such as wetlands and moorlands, where they nest and forage.

One of the key challenges facing curlews is finding suitable places to nest. They typically nest on the ground, and are vulnerable to disturbance from predators and human activity. Conservationists are working to create new nesting sites, and to protect existing ones, to help support their populations.

Another major threat to curlews is climate change. As temperatures rise and weather patterns shift, their habitats may become less suitable for nesting and foraging. To help protect them, conservationists are monitoring their populations and working to identify and protect key sites that are likely to remain suitable in the face of climate change.

Despite these challenges, there is still hope for the future of curlews in the UK. With ongoing conservation efforts and increased public awareness, their populations may yet recover and thrive once again. By working together to protect their habitats and reduce the impact of human activity, we can help ensure that these iconic birds continue to grace our countryside for generations to come.

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Curlew Silhouette, Foolow, Derbyshire - Peak District Wildlife Photography


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