Chee Dale Stepping Stones

Chee Dale stepping stones. This deep limestone dale is filled with ancient mossy trees and vibrant ferns. The overgrown path that runs through the Dale features two sets of stepping stones that interesting don’t cross the river but rather follow its course along the impressive limestone cliffs. I visited this magical place for the first time recently and it is now one of my firm Peak District favourites!

About Chee Dale:

“Chee Dale, situated in Derbyshire, is a splendid winding gorge, flanked by limestone cliffs sometimes towering 300ft above the path, sometimes overhanging it. You get the feeling that they are leaning on you and pushing you off the path, and indeed at times they do, with the path being forced out onto stepping stones. If the river Wye is in flood the path can be impassable. The feeling is of dampness with the water dripping down from the mossy walls.

Chee Tor is very stricking and picturesque, its steep whiteness spattered with tenacious foliage. On top of Chee Tor are faint reminders of the fields and circular huts of a prehistoric settlement. At its foot is a variety of plant life. The chattering of Jackdaws often dulls the chattering of the Wye.”

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You can find a great walk through Chee Dale here.



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Chee Dale Stepping Stones


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