Brown Hare Leveret

Brown hare leveret close up portrait photographed as the sun was going down in the Peak District National Park. Unlike most hares this curious leveret was really nosy and kept coming over to sniff the car, it was actually a struggle to fit it in the frame!

About the Brown Hare: Brown hare leveret

The Brown Hare is the UK’s fastest land mammal, able to reach speeds of up to 45 mph. Hares are not actually native to Britain but were in fact introduced by the Romans. Unlike their cousin the rabbit, hares do not use burrows, instead making a shallow depression in the ground known as a form. Widespread in mainland Britain, hares are mainly found on open farmland and rough grazing pastures on low ground, replaced by the native mountain hare in upland areas of Scotland and central England.

You can find more information on the brown hare here.

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Brown Hare Leveret - Peak District Wildlife photography


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