Brahminy Starling

Brahminy Starling with a grub in its beak, New Delhi, India. Mynas are members of the starling family, Sturnidae.

About the Brahminy Starling:

The Brahminy Myna is a species of starling (Sturnidae) native to Asia. This small starling has a pale creamy brown body with a black head cap and a distinctive wispy crest. Like many other starlings, Brahminy Mynas are opportunistic omnivores that have adapted extremely well to life in an urban habitat and as such can be found in cities throughout the continent. Mynas are well known for their impressive vocal range, which once made them a popular pet as they could be taught to mimic human speech. Birds communicate with each other with whistling, squeaking and gurgling sounds. 

You can find out more about the Brahminy Myna here.


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