Bolehill Quarry Mists – Peak District Photography

Thick mist drifts through the silver birches at Bolehill Quarry in the Derbyshire Peak District National Park.

Bolehill Quarry:

Bolehill Quarry is an abandoned gritstone quarry in the dark peak area of the Peak District. For over 600 years the area was used to produce millstones, grindstones and crushing stones. The millstones made at Bolehill Quarry were first used to grind flour to make bread, however the rising popularity of white bread changed this as the grit-stone made the flour grey. From then on the stones were only used for industrial grinding. The industry eventually collapsed though, due to a much cheaper foreign imports from France, causing a disastrous slump in trade. After this the quarry was abandoned and the millstones were left to decay. Bolehill Quarry is now returning to nature, overgrown with silver birches and the cliff faces have become popular with rock climbers.

More about Bolehill Quarry here.


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Bolehill Quarry - Peak District Photography


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