Blue Bull at Sunset

Blue Bull (Indian Antelope) in front of the setting sun. Photographed in the golden grasslands of Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan, India.

More About Nilgai (blue bull):

The nilgai or blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus) is the largest Asian antelope, endemic to the Indian subcontinent. It is the sole living member of the genus Boselaphus. Nilgai’s are large animals and stand at 1–1.5 metres at the shoulder. The males weigh up to 310 kilograms and the lighter females up to 240 kilograms. Both males and females have a short mane. Nilgai are Sexually dimorphic. Females and juveniles have orangey brown coats whilst adult males have a bluish-grey coat. Another visible difference is that only the male Nilgai have horns.

These large antelopes inhabit a wide range of habitats but have a preference for grasslands, plains, scrub and woodlands, avoiding very dense forests. They graze mostly on grass and are frequently seen in boggy wetland habitats where there is good grazing year round.

You can find out more about the Blue bull here.


Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Northwestern Rajasthan on the fringe of the Great Indian Desert; The Thar. This small grassland habitat is surrounded by sparse scrub and dry dusty plains peppered with salt pans. Originally a hunting ground for the Maharaja of Bikaner it was declared a sanctuary in the 1960s.

India’s Grasslands are home to some of its most endangered species, many of which are endemic. This important habitat now only exists in a handful of places in India and is sadly becoming increasingly scarce.

This stunning grassland wasn’t always the paradise seen today. After decades of neglect and encroachment by the nearby salt production the sanctuary was in a sorry state. Thanks to efforts coordinated by Mr. S.S.Poonia, the range forest officer at Tal Chhapar, over the years the grassland has been transformed. After gradually stripping away the invasive plant; Prosopis juliflora a variety of grasses were planted such as Mothiya grass, a favourite of the blackbucks, which derives its name from ‘moti’ meaning pearl, as its sweet seeds look like pearls. The final result is vast swathes of pristine grassland bustling with animal life. 


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Blue Bull (Indian Antelope) in front of the setting sun. Photographed in the golden grasslands of Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan, India.


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