Abstract Dipper – Peak District Wildlife Photography

Dipper stretching its wings after a lengthy preening session on one of the crystal clear rivers of the Derbyshire Dales. Peak District National Park. I used a slow shutter speed to blur the movement of the wings and smooth out the flowing water.

About the Dipper:

Dippers, named after the way they dip up and down when perched, have evolved an incredible fishing technique allowing them to hunt underwater. Submerging themselves they can walk along the bottom of fast flowing rivers and streams using their outstretched wings to stabilise themselves against the strong currents. This unique ability makes it possible for them to hunt insects and small fish underwater for up to 30 seconds!

Although the dipper isn’t the most striking bird, taken out of context they could easily be mistaken as a garden bird, they are incredibly charismatic seen bobbing up and down the fast flowing rivers of the Derbyshire Dales.

Find more about the dipper here.


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Derbyshire Dipper - Abstract wing flap with smooth flowing waterfall


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