Red Grouse Photography Workshop

Red Grouse Photography Workshop – Derbyshire, Peak District.

Join me on a red grouse photography workshop to see these iconic upland birds on the stunning moorlands of the Peak District National Park.

 About Red Grouse

 Relative of the willow grouse, found in the northern boreal forests, red grouse are found on open moorland in the upland areas of the British Isles. Highly competitive birds, male red grouse compete primarily for areas of moorland rich in heather and bilberry bushes, ideal sites in which the female will produce a nest scrape for her eggs.

You can find an extensive gallery of my red grouse images here.

Red Grouse Photography Workshop - Peak District HeatherRed Grouse Photography Workshop - Moorland CamouflageRed Grouse Photography Workshop - Peak District snowRed Grouse Photography Workshop - Peak District HeatherRed Grouse Photography Workshop - Peak District

Fitness difficulty:


Potentially long walks along uneven boggy ground.


August - April



Please note this workshop does not run during the nesting season (May-July)



Full Day Workshop

6 hours // £60 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)


4 hours // £40 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)

Reduced or extended workshops are available on request.

Red Grouse Photography Workshop - Calling Grouse

What Do My Guests Think?


Francis took me on a half-day workshop to photograph Red Grouse on the moors close to Sheffield, it was immensely enjoyable from start to finish. He is extremely knowledgable on local birdlife and in particular Grouse behaviour which was particularly useful in giving me intimate views of these brilliant birds and getting decent photos - especially difficult as I joined him during the shooting season, a time when Grouse are known to be extremely skulking and skittish. He also helped me optimise my photography technique and camera settings for the wide range of lighting conditions in the field. I would definitely recommend joining his workshops and would love to join another workshop led by him in the future!


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What can you expect?

As an award-winning professional photographer with extensive local knowledge, I run all of my photography workshops personally. My aim is simple; to inspire and encourage you to take your photography to the next level whilst taking in some of the finest wildlife and scenery the UK has to offer. 

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to capture a range of images, from portraits and silhouettes to action shots and behavioural photographs. My red grouse photography workshops will show you how to capture a stunning portfolio of images of these iconic moorland birds. 

The welfare of the subject is of utmost importance in all my wildlife photography workshops. I will teach you the essential fieldcraft skills required to get close and capture stunning images without causing stress or disturbance. 

Recommended equipment

  • DSLR, mirrorless or bridge camera
  • A 500mm+ lens or 300mm with teleconverters is ideal (or equivalent on crop/bridge camera).   
  • There may also be opportunities for landscape photography, so a wide angle or standard zoom lens and a sturdy tripod are recommended. 

Additional information

  • Due to the nature of the location we may be walking up steep inclines and across rough boggy terrain to get close to the grouse.  Waterproof walking boots are essential and waterproof clothing is strongly recommended. 
  • Camouflage is not essential for this workshop, however neutral colours – browns and greens are advisable.

Please visit the FAQ’s section for more information on what to bring.

Red Grouse Photography Workshop