The Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Published: 20th December 2015 at 6:54 pm. Posted in Blog.

With winter now well upon us (although it doesn’t feel like with all this unseasonably warm weather!) I thought I’d share some of my favourite images from this Autumn in the Peak District with you.

Autumn this year was been great for photography and although the colours have arrived much later than previous years, I’ve still had plenty of great opportunities to capture the misty mornings and explosions of colour.


Golden beams of light filtering through thick fog at a copse known as King’s Piece. Peak District National Park.


Early morning mists near Buxton, looking towards Black Edge, Kinder Scout and the Great Ridge. Peak District National Park.


Features of the landscape gradually starting to emerge from the morning mists.


A silhouetted pair of does at dusk. Peak District National Park.


A gorgeous autumn sunrise at Winnats Pass overlooking the picturesque village of Castleton.


The winding road to to Castleton, if you look closely at the right hand side you can see a huge grassy face.


Silhouette of a majestic red deer stag at sunset.


Autumn leaves and gentle falls at Wyming Brook.


A colourful fern in front of one of the many waterfalls at Wyming Brook.


Autumnal view of St Peter’s Church in Edensor.


Fallow deer in front of St Peter’s church Edensor.


A lone stag on the crest of a hill with a sea of mist rippling in the valley behind.


Telephoto view of the famous Great Ridge gate with mist in the valley beyond.


Morning mists starting to clear from the Hope Valley.


Thick fog catching the glowing of the rising sun at the summit of Mam Tor.


Golden sunrise light illuminating the mist drifting over the treeline.


Waves of fog rolling down the slopes of Rushup Edge.


Autumnal view down the rocky cascades of Padley Gorge.


The rocky path that winds its way through the mossy boulders and gnarled old trees at Padley Gorge.


Autumn colours and fog at the famous millstone at Padley Gorge.


Gorgeous golden light breaking through the clag at Curbar Edge.


Warm glow through the fog at Curbar Edge at sunrise.



My first experience of a fog bow! A fog bow is a very similar phenomenon to a rainbow, however due to the size of the water droplets the fog bow has much weaker colours compared to rainbow, often appearing more white than multicoloured.


A fellow photographer enjoying the magical conditions at Bolehill Quarry.


Sunrise on Higger Tor looking towards Carl Wark.


Beautiful sunrise at the KitKat stones on Higger Tor, looking towards the Iron Age hill fort of Carl Wark.

I’m now looking forward to seeing what the rest of the winter will bring and like many other photographers out there, I’m really hoping we get plenty of snow and not just the rain we Brits are so used to! Thanks for looking, feel free to share.