Burbage Abandoned Millstones

Published: 17th January 2015 at 9:13 am. Posted in Blog.

These abandoned millstones below Burbage Edge are another Peak District photography spot I like to return to every so often. I knew that at this time of year the sun sets directly behind the stones, I just needed the right weather conditions and decent sunset. On Monday the forecast looked promising, so I set off in a mixture of hail, sleet, sunshine and gale force gusts of wind, conditions which often provide the most dramatic skies and best light for landscape photography (apart from the wind, but you can’t win them all!). After setting up I sat and waited for the light to reach its best, conditions looked good and there were great dramatic clouds. Unfortunately just as the light was about to reach its peak, a thick bank of wispy cloud blocked the light until well after sunset. Whilst it was pretty disappointing, I had thankfully taken some photographs earlier around the golden hour, and was able to salvage something from the day. I will definitely be back to try again whilst the sun is still in the right position on the horizon, but I was quite pleased the day didn’t turn out to be a complete failure so here’s the result! Thanks for looking, feel free to share!