Hello Everyone!

Sincere apologies for the lack of blog entries over the last couple of months, I have been extremely busy out shooting and subsequently I have had a massive backlog of images to sort and upload. Unfortunately, or fortunately in this case, the weather recently has been terrible, which has meant I’ve had no option but to tackle the mountain of images, and I can now happily say I am back on track. Expect more blog entries very soon!

As it wouldn’t be a photography blog without some photos, here are a few images of Red Grouse taken in August during the heather bloom:



A female Red Grouse, Lagopus lagopus, in the heather during a light summer rainstorm.


A Red Grouse, Lagopus lagopus, sitting in the heather in front of Stanage Edge.


Red Grouse portrait in the stunning heather bloom. 

Thanks for looking!