Red Fox – Peak District Wildlife Photography

Portrait of a young red fox, Peak District National Park. This beautiful young fox was an unexpected visitor to the badger sett, during my badger project. I saw a flash of red through the vegetation and instinctively froze, hoping it would come into the open long enough for a photograph. As I watched hidden from view, I clicked off the first frame and the fox turned to look in the direction of the sound, cautiously scanning around. I managed to get another few frames before it headed back into the undergrowth, a magical moment.

About the Red Fox

Foxes are found across the globe, making them one of the most widespread species in the world. They are found in a range of very diverse habitats from rural areas such as forests, grasslands and mountains, to urban cities and even deserts!  This incredible adaptability has earned the red fox a reputation as a cunning and intelligent survivor. Red foxes are typically solitary hunters/scavengers whose success is largely down to their varied diet, consuming everything from small mammals and birds, to fruit and vegetables, reptiles, amphibians. Urban foxes are also particularly well known for opportunistically scavenging human food waste and pet food. 

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Red Fox Close Up - Peak District Wildlife Photography


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