Curlew, Eastern Moors – Peak District Wildlife

The curlew is one of the most distinctive and recognisable moorland birds. Hearing their evocative call is a true sign that summer has arrived on the high pastures. For this image I used a slightly larger depth of field to ensure the summer grasses and bilberry were in focus, including some habitat.

About the Curlew:

The curlew is the largest of all European wading birds, instantly recognised by its distinctively long down curved bill, long legs and evocative call. A Curlew’s diet consists mainly of worms, crabs and small invertebrates, which they find by probing with their long curved bill in soft ground. Curlews are currently RSPB red status due their rapid decline and diminishing numbers due to loss and fragmentation of moorland and grassland habitats. Curlews are often found in small groups, known as a “curfew”, “salon”, or “skein”.

Find out more about the Curlew here.

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Curlew in typical moorland habitat. Eastern Moors, Derbyshire - Peak District Wildlife Photography


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