Badger Portrait

Badger emerging from the sett at last light in the Peak District National Park. After months of searching over winter and early spring, I eventually managed to locate an active sett on suitable land. After a few long nights sat staring at a bush pondering my sanity, the badgers finally emerged in daylight.

About Badgers:

Badgers are largely nocturnal and extremely shy but remain one of the UK’s favourite mammals. Badgers are highly sociable creatures and live together in large underground setts, typically with many entrances. Many believe the best way to identify an active sett is by the entrance hole, as badgers typically favour a characteristic sideways ‘D’ shape entrance. However the entrance shape can be misleading as many animals can occupy old setts. Badgers, foxes, rabbits and even otters have all been known to take over each others old burrows. Actually one of the best ways to tell is by fresh piles of dirt outside, Badgers are voracious diggers and are constantly expanding their setts. 

You can find more about badgers here


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Emerging Badger, Peak District Wildlife Photography


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