Cressbrook Dale

Light trails at the famous winding Mam Nick road below Mam Tor. Temperature: -5 with freezing fog. Derbyshire, Peak District National Park. This is an image I’ve had in mind for a long time now but have been waiting for the right conditions. It was absolutely freezing sat waiting for the cars to come by, every blade of grass was covered in thick frost and I could barely see anything in the thickest patches of drifting fog. Everything came together in the end though, and after capturing a few light trails I headed back home to the warmth. ABOUT MAM TOR: Mam Tor is a 517m hill near Castleton, in the High Peak area of the Peak District National Park. The hill gets its nickname ‘The Shivering Mountain’ from the frequent landslips that occur on the eastern face of the hill, caused by unstable layers of shale. At the base of Mam Tor and at nearby Winnats Pass are four famous caverns where semi precious minerals such as Blue John were once mined. These caverns are known as; the Blue John Cavern, the Peak Cavern, the Speedwell Cavern, and the Treak Cliff Cavern.

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Cressbrook Early Purple Orchids

Cressbrook Dale Early Purple Orchids

Early purple orchids and buttercups above the Peter’s Stone in Cressbrook Dale, Peak District National Park. Although slightly more cloud cover would have been preferable, the great light and calm winds were a real blessing to ensure the foreground stayed sharp and motion free.

About The Peter’s Stone:

The Peter’s Stone is a distinctive limestone stack situated in Cressbrook Dale in the White Peak area of the Peak District National Park. The stone takes its name from its resemblance to St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

More about the area can be found here.