Wild Owl Photography Workshop

Wild Owl Photography Workshop – Peak District

Join me on an owl photography workshop for an unmissable opportunity to photograph wild owls as they hunt the farmland, moorland and wildflower meadows of the Peak District National Park.

About Owls

 The UK is home to 5 very different species of owl; the barn owl, little owl, short-eared owl, long eared owl and tawny owl. Owls are widely considered to be strictly nocturnal but many are actually crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk). The exception to this is the Tawny owl which is almost exclusively active at night. The incredible range of habitats present in the Peak District means that all of our native owl species are found here, offering some fantastic photographic opportunities year-round. 

 You can find an extensive gallery of my wild little owl images here, all images were taken at the workshop site.

Owl Photography Workshop - Barn Owl With VoleOwl Photography Workshop - Socialising Short-Eared OwlsOwl Photography Workshop - Barn Owl stareOwl Photography Workshop - Little OwlOwl Photography Workshop - Tawny OwletOwl Photography Workshop - Backlit Hovering Barn OwlOwl Photography Workshop - Barn Owl in FlightOwl Photography Workshop - Pouncing Short-Eared owl

Fitness difficulty:

Very Easy to Moderate

Much of the photography will be done from my vehicle, however for certain species there may be short walks along sometimes uneven and boggy ground.



Year Round



This photography workshop is available year round (species dependant)



Full Day Workshop

6 hours // £60 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)


4 hours // £40 deposit


1-2-1 Workshop


1-2 Workshop (per participant)

Reduced or extended workshops are available on request.

Owl Photography Workshop - Barn Owl With Vole

What Do My Guests Think?


I was given the opportunity to take one of Francis’ Owl workshops having already been on one of his photography days previously. We were treated to a fantastic views of a male Barn Owl hunting in the summer meadows, Francis offered fantastic guidance as to what settings I should be using on my camera to get the cleanest photos. With his guidance I was able to get some amazing photos of these wonderful birds. I left feeling enthused and pointed in a new direction in which to take my photography to the next level!


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What can you expect?

From close up detailed portraits to environmental and behavioural images my owl photography workshops will show you how to capture a stunning portfolio of images of these unique birds. 

I have studied and photographed owls in great depth, and I will teach you all the essential fieldcraft and technical skills needed to get close without causing any disturbance. I will also explain how to recognise different behaviours and habits of so that you leave with a much better understanding of these evocative hunters.

Throughout the day we may have the opportunity to photograph (season dependent); little owls, barn owls, short-eared owls, curlew, buzzards, kestrels, wagtails, skylarks and much more!

Recommended equipment

  • DSLR, Mirrorless or Bridge Camera
  • A 500mm lens or 300mm with teleconverters is ideal (or equivalent on crop/bridge camera).   
  • There may also be opportunities for landscape photography, so a wide angle or standard zoom lens and a sturdy tripod are recommended. 

Additional information

  • Camouflage is not essential for this workshop, however neutral colours – browns and greens are strongly advised.
  • Wellies or waterproof walking boots are essential and waterproof clothing is strongly recommended. 

Please visit the FAQ’s section for more information on what to bring.

Wild Owl Photography Workshop