Wildflower Photography Workshop

Wildflower Photography Workshop - Bee Orchid Wildflower Photography Workshop Wildflower Photography Workshop Wildflower Photography Workshop - Cotton Grass Wildflower Photography Workshop

Wildflower Photography Workshop – Derbyshire, Peak District.

Join me on this wildflower photography workshop for a fantastic opportunity to capture the stunning displays of flora on the wildflower meadows of the Peak District.

Availability: April-August

Cost: £25 p/h for one to one tuition // discounted day rates and small group options available.

To book a date for your wildflower photography workshop please get in touch!


About our native flora

The British Isles is home to an incredibly diverse range of wild plants and flowers. Wildflower meadows are one of the most iconic and colourful British countryside habitats and have been present here for thousands of years. Unfortunately wildflower meadows have become a rarity in our country and are now in steep decline due to new chemical farming practices and land development. The Peak District thankfully is still home to some of the most beautiful wildflower meadows the UK has to offer. The seasonal displays here, such as the explosion of early purple orchids, are some of the best in the world, making it an ideal location for this workshop.

Common Spotted Orchid - Peak District Photography

  What can I expect?

 From meadow flowers and orchids to bluebells and other woodland blooms, this wildflower photography workshop will show you how to capture stunning images of our beautiful native flora.

During the day you will have the opportunity to photograph a range of flowers and plants. Learning techniques such as creative use of depth of field for artistic images, to capturing all the fine details with the use of focus stacking.  

How long do your workshops last? 

Unlike many other photographers that insist on you booking a full day, I run my workshops on an hourly basis. This means I can tailor the session to your requirements. The day can be just as long or as short as you would like it to be! 

Wildflower Photography Workshop - Cotton Grass

How much does it cost? 

£25 p/h for one to one tuition

Discounted ‘day rates’ and group options are also available. 

Fitness Level

 Sometimes very steep walks to reach the wildflower meadows, however I can adapt to your suit your fitness level.

Bee Orchid

Recommended equipment 

A lens with ‘macro’ or close up abilities

A sturdy tripod

A set of extension tubes will also be very useful

There may also be opportunities for landscape photography, so a wide angle or standard zoom lens and a sturdy tripod are recommended. 

Additional information

Waterproof walking boots and waterproof clothing are strongly recommended as we may be kneeling or sitting on damp ground to photograph the flowers. 

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Wildflower Photography Workshop - Orchid